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Create Purpose, Increase Profit.

A Warm Heart Life, We Believe...


Collaboration is essential to create miracles.


Education and goal setting should exist to simplify your life, not complicate it.

Great accomplishments happen through a commitment to behavioral actions.  

Speaker School Mastermind Tour

Laguna Beach, CA - July 14th & 15th

Toronto, Canada - August 11th & 12th

Chicago, IL - September 8th & 9th

New York, NY - October 6th & 7th (*Elite)

(Sign Up Link - Spots Limited to 12 per Location)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to book a 20-Minute Call with Brandon to hear more.

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Once a Week Phone Call
(30 Minutes)


If you make under $21,000 a month and want to work with Brandon, it's $250 a month until

you hit $21,000 a month

If you make over $21,000 a month and want to

work with Brandon, it's $1,000 a month

*Monthly payments can be stopped anytime.

Click the link below to book a 15-minute call with Brandon to see if this is a good fit for both sides.


Success Stories

At Warm Heart Life, we believe in growing together to achieve success. Book your free consultation call today to find out how to work with Brandon

Success Stories

Mike Arsenault 

Hedge Fund Accountant 

Consistently working with Brandon for a couple of years has helped me identify different areas of weakness with my personal and professional goals. Which has helped me be more self-aware and accountable in my everyday life. I’ve been able to get two promotions since we started working together as well as finishing 2nd in the Maine Golf Amateur and shooting the course record at my home course. I would highly recommend anyone looking for mentorship, leadership, and accountability to work with Brandon!

Ashantie Senior.JPG

Ashantie Senior 

Warm Heart University - Fall 2020

Before the internship, I knew being a vet was a strong interest of mine. Because of the assignments we had throughout the term that encouraged us to get connected with people in our specific field my passion for being a veterinarian has grown tremendously. I now have a much clearer understanding of the steps that need to be taken to have a successful career in my area of interest. Anyone who wants help figuring out what they want to do in life and with their career should learn from Brandon because he helps you breakdown what’s needed to find your passion and stand out!

Screenshot (34).png

Riley York 

Warm Heart University - Winter 2021

I didn’t know exactly what to expect going into the program but was intrigued about what we would learn in the marketing part.  Being involved in a team atmosphere with the other students was helpful with both brainstorming ideas and in thinking about what we could do next to better our futures.  Brandon was super encouraging throughout this whole process on giving us tasks out of our comfort zone, which in returned opened more doors of opportunities for us. I’ve always been hesitant about taking the next step, but with the skills, we accumulated over the 7-Weeks I’m now taking leaps forward toward my future projects in film and entrepreneurship.  Anyone of any age who wants to run their own business or move up in a company I would recommend working with Brandon.


Chastity Ortiz 

Warm Heart University - Spring 2021

This internship exceeded my expectations by increasing my confidence to network with people in my field of interest in a short period of time! After learning how to make phone scripts I was able to set up an interview with the head of ticket sales for a Major League Baseball team.  Which led to my increase in confidence to take immediate action for success rather than wait for it.  Anyone who wants to get a better understanding of business or how to help others should do this program. 


Casey Taylor

Corporate Sales 

Originally when we started working together, I set a 6-month financial side goal investing in the stock market.  I had no prior experience with this and wanted to get a 30% return on my investments.  In four months, I hit that goal and now we are working on achieving an even bigger one. I’d recommend working with Brandon if you want to hit a challenging goal. He does an incredible job at helping simplify what needs to be done on a daily and weekly basis to get your desired results.

Screenshot (32).png

Vedant Kulkarni

Warm Heart University - Winter 2021

Throughout the internship, I learned how to connect with people that I look up to on a professional level. Brandon helped me understand the “WHY” behind building my network, but what set this internship apart was when he guided me on how to get those people excited to talk with me through effective emails and on-the-spot phone scripts. I was even able to interview a leader in my field who was featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List. I would recommend this experience to everyone who wants to grow in his/her life!


De'Shyra Bell

Warm Heart University - Spring 2021

Learning different ways to professionalize my portfolio through resume design and email structure helped me form connections in my field of interest. Which were influential stepping stones towards me getting an internship for a company that I really wanted to work for.  If you want to make some things happen in life and learn how to step out of your comfort zone for continued growth, then this internship is for you.   


Rob Tracz

Founder of TAPS Training

I was looking for a clearer structure and execution plan after my personal training business got severely effected from COVID.  Over the last couple of months, we’ve worked on implementing immediate action steps to take my business to the next level. The difference maker you get with Brandon’s coaching is 100% the weekly accountability.  I would highly recommend working with him, especially if you are feeling lost or stuck with your current business or job. 


Rosie Julmis

Warm Heart University - Fall 2020

I was really discouraged after the effects that covid-19 had on me financially. After our initial phone call, Brandon helped me realize that my situation was reversible. His accountability and polite pressure to take action based on our area of interest allowed me to visualize where I can be. After going through the internship program, I now have a long-term mentor in my field of interest and truly believe that making it to the top of a significant organization is a real possibility. Brandon shifted my perception of learning and helped me understand that you don’t have to go back to school to keep growing both personally and professionally. I would recommend anyone who wants to expand their knowledge in marketing, sales, and business to go through the Warm Heart Life internship program.


Temmy Tan

Warm Heart University - Winter 2021

This internship exceeded my expectations, I never thought about taking the time to learn how to script phone calls and emails to get responses back but I’m glad we did.  The practical application of the business assignments has helped set the foundation for my financial future. Anyone who wants to gain more experience and learn more about their field of interest should work with Brandon!

Sophie pic.jpg

Sophie Roth 

Warm Heart University - Spring 2021

When I first applied for this internship, I had an idea in mind of where I wanted to be in the future but was unsure of how to make that vision come true. Through the guest speakers, assignments, and teachings by Brandon, I was able to gain clarity on the steps to take to get there. As a result, I now have a new job in my field of study and feel more balanced with my professional life. Anyone who is in a similar situation as I was, who would like guidance on how to get what they want faster should do this program. 


Andrew Losey

PGA Golf Instructor

I started getting coaching from Brandon to learn more about business. The information that I learned was something that I wouldn’t have gotten for many years without his help.  Brandon has helped engrave positive habits to help me take action steps necessary for success.  After our initial consultation, I was so motivated that I started picking up the phone to contact potential clients. The next day I picked up my first long term client. I would recommend anybody and everybody to work with Brandon if they want to be successful in their career. 


Josh Frechette 

Warm Heart University - Winter 2021

I was excited about this experience after my first initial call with Brandon. School kind of teaches you how to be average, but after this internship, I feel like I know how to get what I want.  I’ve already got an opportunity to work for a company that I could only dream of before this internship. If you're tired of being told what to learn like in school and want the tools necessary to take immediate action on your goals and financial future then this program is for you!

20210629_140639 (1).jpg

Christina-Marie Williams

Warm Heart University - Spring 2021

I feel like my professionalism grew tremendously throughout the internship, specifically with my communication skills through email reach outs and in-person conversations. During this program I was able to talk to the president of my country and ask her some questions, which Brandon helped give me the confidence to do. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to gain experience in business, improve communication skills, and get pushed to think about side of the box to tap into their full potential.

Noelia (2) 2.jpg

Noelia Crossett

Founder of Sweat & Thrive Academy

I was stuck with my business and needed help to get out of the black hole. After reaching out through a referral, I asked for some help. Brandon helped me get in the right mindset to succeed, get organized, and breakdown my main focus goal. All the big steps I’ve taken have been from Brandon’s influence. Since we started working together I’ve tripled my monthly income and this is just the beginning.


Andre Haykal Jr. 

Co-Founder & CEO at KnowledgeX

​I committed to working with Brandon because of his values and mindset.  He has helped me navigate through the ups and downs of growing a business. With his help and guidance every week, we've been able to 10x our business revenue in less than a year. Better yet, my personal relationships and health have never been better thanks to Brandon always challenging me to step outside my comfort zone. Anyone who wants to have a clearer path to get what they want should work with Brandon!


Tania Santoso

Warm Heart University - Fall 2020

Going into the internship my public speaking wasn’t where I want it to be, and through the work and support from the group calls, I was able to overcome it. I would recommend anyone who wants to grow as a person and develop clarity on their goals to work with Brandon. If you are determined to make your dreams come true, the Warm Heart Life internship program will be a good fit for you!


Caileigh Johnston

Warm Heart University - Spring 2021

Before starting this program, there were a lot of things that interested me but not knowing how to bridge the gap to get there kept me feeling stuck. Throughout the process of this internship, I was inspired to take action now in order to get ahead for the future. After interviewing a leader from my dream company and making the decision to transfer universities to both save money and focus on my career, I’m excited for what the future has to hold.  Any Freshman or Sophomore in college who feels like there is a lot of pressure or confusion, just like I did, should commit to the 7-Week internship program. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Matt Gaydorus.JPG

Matt Gaydorus

Financial Analyst 

I started meeting with Brandon weekly over two years ago. Since then my network has grown and I've had a much clearer understanding of the steps that need to be taken to achieve my personal and professional goals. The accountability has positively influenced my work ethic, motivation, and commitment to a better future. I would highly recommend working with Brandon if you’re unhappy with where you are and want some guidance on the steps to take to reverse that.  

profile pic.jpg

Kaitlyn Glaser 

Warm Heart University - Winter 2021

As a graduating college senior there has been a lot of pressure on my next step, but throughout this internship, I gained a sense of relief that I can do pretty much whatever I want. When I saw this opportunity on Indeed I was unsure because there were a lot of other ones to pick from, but Brandon’s believe in me encouraged me to just do it, and I’m glad I did. As a result of this experience, my mindset has shifted to a get back up mentality, as I’ve realized it’s not only me chasing my dreams but that there are people willing to help me if I just ask.  Anyone who wants to grow personally who can give two hours of commitment a week should join Brandon’s Internship program!

Screenshot (226).png

Anish Agarwal

Warm Heart University - Spring 2021

Going into the internship I was excited for the opportunity to learn more about finance and business. However, what I got out of it exceeded my expectations. After learning how to reach out to people I look up to and understanding the right way to ask solid questions, I was able to set up an interview with the CFO of Costco and get a better sense of what it takes to be in that position someday.  Anyone looking to learn and grow should do the 7-Week Program!

Screenshot (13).png

Kian O'Donnell

Personal Trainer - Dallas, TX

I started working with Brandon two years ago at the peak of Covid. He has helped me focus my thoughts and direct me on where I should spend my time, not to mention the organization in regards to tracking progress in a simple and measurable way! We’ve had weekly calls for the last two years, and I’ve seen tremendous growth in my critical thinking as well as best practices for my small business. I’ve grown to 33 clients with no sign of slowing down! It’s nice to be able to take trips and pick my days off when before I would skip family events and vacations due to fear of not generating enough revenue by missing a day. Recently, Brandon has incorporated personal goals that have been great for me to explore interests and hobbies that I have, as well as greatly expanding my social connections. If you’re looking for a phenomenal mentor and someone to hold you accountable for your business and even your personal life, Brandon is your guy! 


Melissa MacDonald

Warm Heart University - Fall 2020

Taking part in the Warm Heart Life internship for the past ten weeks has been one of the best decisions of my life. During one of the first calls, I was able to determine what my passions and talents were, leading to a much clearer focus for the path that I need to take after college. This internship showed me how to reach out to people in my field of interest, write emails to get responses back, and different ways to turn a “no” into a “yes.”  Overall, this internship has helped me understand how to get what I want at a faster rate. I would recommend anyone looking for an opportunity to learn and grow to intern with Brandon.


Bre Pettus

Warm Heart University - Spring 2021

When I started the internship, I was looking for some guidance on how to get where I wanted to be and with little direction in the past, it was tough to figure out the steps to take to get there. Brandon’s help and guidance is like the steering wheel to success, through the 7-Weeks I learned how to network with leaders in my field of interest, step outside of my comfort zone, and improve my verbal and written communication skills.  This internship is super motivational and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants help figuring out the next steps with their career. 

A239877F-DF20-47FC-B4C4-4A1E8013D493 (1)

Shelly Seidemann

Director of Operations at Len Schwartz Team Realty

Our team was struggling to put in proper systems & procedures because of the endless amount of real estate "fires" that needed to be put out, and it had significantly impeded our ability to grow. Before Brandon stepped in, we had no direction or accountability. Brandon immediately helped me identify my primary objective & the action items that need to be taken, and he continues to hold me accountable week-by-week to ensure that I'm moving the business forward. Most importantly, he approaches each call with genuine care and compassion, and it truly makes him stand tall above the rest. I highly recommend Brandon to anyone looking to break through their ceiling of achievement!


Destine Gomez

Warm Heart University - Fall 2020

Going into the internship, I didn’t think I would learn as much as I did. The public speaking practice in the group zoom meetings along with the various networking assignments gave me a huge confidence boost. I now know how to reach out to people that I look up to and feel more comfortable speaking in front of people. I would recommend anyone who is looking to gain more clarity with their career to learn from Brandon!

Screenshot (233).png

Calvin Hubbard 

Warm Heart University - Spring 2021 

In the beginning, when the thought of learning came to my mind, textbooks and assignments were what was on my radar. Although there was a book and guidelines, what was different about this internship was Brandon strayed away from the typical method of teaching. After connecting with a leader in my field of interest, it increased my motivation and helped set up steps for me to take after the internship was over.  I would recommend anybody who wants some guidance on how to develop more clarity with their future career path to do this program.

ALM smaller.png

Annie Medonis

Director, Producer, Videographer

Brandon is not only an incredible coach, but he has been an awesome friend. His warm hearted nature has helped me gain a dream mentor in my field of interest, grow a community of artists for my passion project, and take the necessary action to keep me on track with the production of my documentary. It’s hard to explain how helpful it’s been to work with someone like Brandon who genuinely cares and has my back.

photo (1).png

Kate Stein

Warm Heart University - Fall 2020

After applying for the Warm Heart Life Mentorship/Internship, I didn’t know what to expect but was intrigued by the opportunity after my first phone call with Brandon. The research methods that were taught regarding getting a job directly correlated to me accepting one shortly after. I would recommend anyone who is looking to gain clarity and optimize their potential to go through Brandon’s program.

Screenshot (18).png

Haylin Alpert

Founder of Core Principles Personal Training 

I met Brandon on a whim 5 years ago at a conference. Recognizing the logo on his shirt I started a conversation and it hasn't ended. I've witnessed Brandon who from the beginning was one of the most inquisitive people I've ever met, never satisfying his thirst to learn, connect, and find ways to help people. The terms driven and hungry get thrown around loosely these days. Watching Brandon consistently take what he was learning, practice it even when uncomfortable and with full commitment to get better, has been inspiring. The words driven and hungry are the right words to describe him. He has pushed me to improve my focus, willingness to ask questions, and make mistakes all in the interest of getting better. 

Screenshot (6).png

Lisa Chen

Warm Heart University - Fall 2020

Going into the program, I was looking to gain experience in public speaking and grow my network. Through the assignments and guest speakers, I now have a clearer vision of where I want to go with my future. Anyone looking to grow their social skills, that wants accountability and pressure to take action should go through the Warm Heart Life Mentorship/Internship program. It won’t take too much time out of your week, and it is something you can do on top of school and work.

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